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Written by Administrator   
Last Updated on Friday, 09 November 2012 02:41
Wakaf for the homes of the Elderly at Al-Mukammil
Written by Administrator   

Wakaf for the homes of the Elderly at Al-Mukammil, Sg. Ling, Maran, Pahang is now opened.


   Al-Mukammil at Maran, is the newly inaugurated Center for the Propagation of Islam in Pahang, nicknamed ‘Little Al-Jenderami’. It is starting to draw interest among the local public, young and old through its weekly activities of ‘maulid, ratib’ and the renewed readings of the books of authentic traditional compilation of Islamic knowledge or better known as kitab turath. The Center’s main thrust of activity is the caring of the elderly and the underprivileged of the society such as the needy and the orphan. Insyallah, these commendable activities will be extended to include other districts in the east coast states of Peninsular Malaysia. We are hopeful that Allah swt will bring unity to the Muslim ummah under the banner of hubbun Nabi saw. Warga2Kerana ia menggamit Rahmatal lil A’lamin.

   The continuous support and assistance from the Muslim jamaah who deeply loves the Prophet saw, contributing their time, energy and financial assistance, are lisanul hal , that is good deeds that are dear to Rasulullah saw. The founders of Al-Mukammil are indeed eternally grateful to the generous jamaah and insyaallah, they will be blessed with the syafaat of Rasulullah saw.

   We look forward to providing opportunities to members of the public having the intention of contributing housing units as wakaf for the elderly. This is a tremendous opportunity for amal jariah. Consider the reward from Allah for those providing shelter to the elderly to spend their end stage of life in amal and devotion to Allah.

   Presently the price for each unit is RM30,000. For more information please contact Al-Fadhil Hj. Ismail Muhammad Idris at +6019-9873120.

Last Updated on Saturday, 03 November 2012 14:24